Rosh Hashana on Base: Time to Inspire Them


Shavua Tov to all

As those of you who follow my posts know, I am a senior lecturer for the Jewish ‎Identity Branch of the Rabbanut of TZAHAL; what is known as ‎התודעה היהודית‎. We ‎are responsible for the “soul” of TZAHAL, offering daily shiurim for chayalim and ‎chayalot, classes and counseling throughout the IDF prisons, supplying all bases ‎with religious supplies for the chagim, purchasing tefillin for any chayalim who ‎would like a pair, supplying siddurim, running seminars on taharat hamishpacha, ‎marrying off chayalim and chayalot, sending couples and families to spend ‎Shabbat and yom tov on base with chayalim to offer proper Avira and offer chizuk, ‎and finally motivational shiurim and talks as well as supplies prior to combat ‎בעת ‏מלחמה חלילה

this year, I am running our campaign to send over 60 families to spend ‎ימים נוראים ‏‎ ‎on bases throughout ‎צהל ‏‎ and we need your help to fund this program. Many of you ‎have children, friends or relatives who are currently serving or will be soon serving ‎in TZAHAL and will be the beneficiaries of these efforts. ‎
Please see below, follow the link, and please contribute generously and send to ‎other family members or friends who you feel can help out. ‎
As mentioned above, any contributions received before September 27th will be matched by an anonymous donor.

On behalf of ‎חיילינו הקדושים ‏‎ I want to thank you for your time and consideration
Shana Tova and may we know peace in all of Israel

For contribution in Israel…

For contribution in USA Campaign

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