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Protection and Unification: My Shabbat with Givati Brigade IDF

I spent this past Shabbat down south on the Givati army base with a group of Beinishim (acronym for combat units consisting of Hesder Yeshiva students) undergoing basic training, some of which included my students from the Yeshiva Hesder Derech … Continue reading

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Qualitative Education: Problem with the Israeli Educational System

This week I have two reasons to celebrate as I anticipate my eighteen year old daughter’s graduating high school and my twelve year old daughter’s graduating elementary school. I consider myself a responsible parent so naturally I began to contemplate … Continue reading

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Korach: Leadership and Influence

The Torah describes Moshe’s reaction to Korach’s challenge stating, “Vayishma Moshe Vayipol Al Panav – Moshe heard (Korach’s complaint) and (He) fell on his face”. Presumably were Korach challenging both Moshe and Aharon then it would have been grammatically correct … Continue reading

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